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Say it with pride – Stockport 

The talk of the ten boroughs of Greater Manchester; Stockport is shaking things up and both residents and businesses are seeing pride again in saying they call Stockport home. Major changes to the skyline are a visible shift as you pass through the station, attracting names like Capital and Centric and Hall & Co as they add to the development of the town centre, with investment seemingly on every corner. But at the heart of all the changes is the Old Town, with the trendy Underbanks and Marketplace’s cobbled streets, the catalyst to a lot of what’s bubbling away. Those in the know, know that Stockport is where it’s at, but this message is spreading across the UK. The ‘up and coming’ hotspot for young home owners looking for connectivity, space, a place to grow and develop themselves, families and careers. National press continue to pick up on the ‘New Berlin’ and the near constant good news stories coming from the town centre. So just what is it that makes Stockport different….

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Something different to other towns

The high street has changed, fact. As shoppers, as people we want, we crave interaction, something interesting, something different. Be it the independent fashionistas of Emiko, where they make their clothing onsite, to the high end independent brands of The Old Town General Store, here we don’t talk about Primark and River Island, but we have them too, to cater for all tastes.

The food and drink scene gets stronger all the time with independent cafes, bars like The Spinn Off and restaurants like La Capilla and Mekong Cat popping up around The Underbanks, Mealhouse Brow and the Marketplace.

Like most towns, the retail offer may have lost a few headline acts, but whilst the Blossoms are spreading the Stockport love across the world musically, closer to home they even have their own Bohemian salon and speakeasy in the town centre.  All these fast of foot businesses crave community and drive a busy activity and event scene with help from a range of other local groups. Adding to all of this has been a public art boom with artists from as far afield as Argentina utilising the many canvas opportunities the town presents.



Major changes to the towns infastructure have seen the arrival of a new district around the train station but also the connection of this hub with another in the form of the new interchange with its impressive town centre green park space for everyone to enjoy. With the growth of visitors and businesses with links to all corners of the world, new hotels have landed with more in the pipeline, as Stockport creates its own identity out of the shadow of Manchester down the tracks.

The ever changing, rising Stockport skyline stems from the numerous new builds and conversions that are creating thousands of new town centre homes which brings an active workforce seeking space outside the city centre and with everything they require on their doorstep.

With amazing Michelin green star restaurants on their doorstep, a range of international cuisine choices, food hall winners at The Produce Hall and don’t forget the dipping gravy toastie wedges from Rack, foodies are well catered for. Then there is the drinking choices, where not only are the drinks sold but with the likes of Stockport Gin and Runaway Brewery they are made on the premises. 

Dubbed the New Berlin

Being compared to other major European Cities, Stockport is writing its own identity. The fact Stockport was chosen by Andy Burnham for the country’s first Mayoral Development Corporation location shows how the town centre is really making a name for itself outside the borough and to those in prominent positions, but also how the local authority is driving a lot of investment and change in the town. Stockport, a town centre that, may, just finally have found its purpose again.

A true rival to Manchester


Business has always seen the positive reasons to be in town but with everything outlined earlier this has seen a boom in Tech companies, who can see the value and appeal in Stockport over the lazy decision of running into Manchester. Add to that how city centre businesses have seen how changes in working practices mean staff look for shorter commutes and opportunities to engage outside the office with colleagues and Stockport’s changing social scene now delivers. There are still those with the need to access Manchester City centre and Stockport’s enviable connections to the city in under 10 minutes by train, provide businesses with the best of both worlds. Did we mention rents are also lower in Stockport…


We’re really excited by our move to Stockport and engaging with a new community here, especially opportunities to collaborate with other indie food & drink producers

Mark Welsby, Founder, Runaway Brewery