Stockport – 2018 review

23rd January 2019 - 12:23 pm
Stockport – 2018 review
Stockport train station, Stockport Exchange

Rhys Owen, Leasing Director, Orbit Developments, discusses the change in Stockport over 2018 and how the positive progress of regeneration will continue into 2019.

“As 2018 ended, it was a natural time to look back at events of the past 12 months.

It’s been an exciting year for Stockport town centre and I fully expect 2019 to continue to deliver positive progress.

I was reading an article by Caroline Baker of commercial property agents Cushman & Wakefield, who made some very pertinent comments about the future of Greater Manchester’s town centres.

She observed that… ‘the focus needs to be on those towns that have great connectivity, access to jobs and local services combined with unique assets which make them stand out – such as a great stock of architectural buildings, access to countryside, attractive waterways or a programme of events which attract a wide range of visitors.’

She continued: ‘Where partners come together and set a new vision for these towns with a passion and commitment to work together, transformation will happen… and where this starts to happen bars and restaurants follow and our towns will be vibrant again.’

Ok, so our architecture can be sketchy in parts, but our Old Town is the envy of many other town centres, and our waterway is being far from maximised, for now at least.

However, I challenge anyone not to see Stockport as a prime example of a best placed and well-connected town centre and in a great position to benefit from the changing world we live in.

There are numerous groups and individuals that are investing huge amounts of time, effort and money, including ourselves, to contribute to the town’s regeneration. Together we will continue to bring new ideas to the table and create events to drive footfall.

And still new businesses keep coming into Stockport, seeing the benefits and bringing new jobs, which plays its part in delivering an exciting future for everyone.”