Starting to reap the rewards

28th November 2018 - 11:20 am
Starting to reap the rewards
Regent House and Beckwith House

Rhys Owen, Leasing Director, Orbit Developments, discusses how Stockport are beginning to attract businesses looking to relocate to a thriving town.

With the recent investment in Stockport starting to reap rewards, it’s becoming clear that the town has always been a sleeping giant when you look at Greater Manchester as a whole.

Four years ago Orbit had vacant office space in the town centre which could accommodate over 1,700 people. Now 80% of that space is full and many of those companies have relocated from outside the borough.

As a reflection of the new types of businesses coming in, the standard of general office space has been greatly improved and it’s something that we as Orbit have strived to do with our own portfolio.

But why are businesses being attracted to Stockport?

Our road and rail links are second to none, which in turn provides a recruitment catchment area, easily competing with some major national locations.

The steps being taken to improve traffic flow and journey times on the A6 are playing a key role in making the town centre and the surrounding district centres easier to access, which also helps the area’s appeal.

Recent physical changes continue to draw positive comment, especially from those who arrive in Stockport for the first time in a while. They are being pleasantly surprised by the new welcome that awaits.

Few town centres have experienced the significant positive repositioning development that Stockport has. Ours is evolving and that’s not something happening everywhere.

The growth of residential development in the town centre will bring many new people in and provide a changed demographic that retailers and businesses require for the town to prosper further.

The Stockport business community is the envy of many other local towns and regions with ideas being copied by others, which is a clear sign of success. We need to keep going.