Proud to be an ambassador to the town

28th February 2018 - 10:47 am
Proud to be an ambassador to the town

Rhys Owen, Leasing Director, Orbit Developments, shares his thoughts on Stockport changing and why he his proud to be an ambassador for the town.

The saying goes that the best form of advertising is via positive word of mouth. So, it makes sense that following recent changes and investment in Stockport town centre, the council is underway with its next marketing campaign – using advocates to drive forward the message that ‘Stockport is changing’.

Recently, Stockport launched two projects; the first being a place marketing campaign ‘Stockport. Change Here.’ with Creative Concern and the second its Town Centre Ambassador Project, to which I am very pleased to say I was invited to join.

The ambassador programme encourages local stakeholders who are passionate and regularly engage with the town to actively promote the changing fortunes of the centre.

As the largest commercial property landlord in Stockport, we represent the opinions of many businesses here in the town to the Council, but equally we have a responsibility to share the recent changes that have taken place to our customers and pitch Stockport’s changing landscape to new occupiers.

Recently I had a challenge on my hands with two companies looking at the town centre. Neither had ventured into our historic town for over 10 years and were blissfully unaware of the changes taking place.

Suffice to say, a short drive around the town helped them to see the changes and I gave my little pitch on behalf of our town centre.

With help via marketing material and the new updated Stockport prospectus, ambassadors like myself have been provided with great tools to tell the story of how Stockport is moving into the future.

I’m sure these positive messages are being communicated by all of Stockport’s business community and myself and my fellow ambassadors are not alone in spreading the news.